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Todas Sonrisas

New information on the importance of good oral health is coming to light every day. One of the most important health issues affecting children in South America is their dental hygiene. Millions of Latino children are not capable of handling their own oral care due to such factors as poverty, geography, lack of oral health education, language or cultural barriers, or the fear of dental care.

With every new year and each new study, scientists discover more and more links between good oral hygiene and overall, systemic health. Preventative education and early treatment can prevent or halt the process of most oral diseases.

So, to combat this issue, we have created Todas Sonrisas to provide dental care, teach oral hygiene, provide clean water, and develop simple educational materials (English and Spanish) for underprivileged children in South America.

Upcoming Trips

Volunteers will be heading to Peru, specifically to Lima and Cusco, to scout out new possibilities for schools and dentists to partner with in the future. We will keep you posted!