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I want to thank you all for being wonderful friends and the initial supporters of Todas Sonrisas. It has been a long year, but a very productive one. In February, we started with a blank canvas and now have many accomplishments under our belt to brag about! (Which I will do in a minute!) Please keep an eye out for your donation receipts early next month. While we are still awaiting our 501c(3) Letter of Determination from the IRS, it’s possible you may still take the deduction for 2013. I’ll explain more below.

1) 501c3 PAPERWORK: Our paperwork was completed in September and promptly forwarded to the IRS for review in mid-September. The normal review takes 2-4 months assuming there are no questions. Our legal team assured me that there is only a slight chance that we will have our application questioned and that will most likely be due to our international work. The political organization scandal and government shutdown definitely will delay the review, but I’m hoping that we will have word no later than February 2014.

2) TAX DEDUCTIONS FOR 2013: It is still possible that you may take the tax deduction on this year’s taxes. According to my lawyers and accountant, when you make a donation to a 501c(3) or 501c(3) applicant, you have up to 27 months to take the donation on your taxes. So, if you made a donation this year, you have until at least 2015 to take it. If our Letter of Determination arrives before you file your taxes, you can take the deduction on your 2013 tax filing.

3) OUR WEBSITE: ( Check it out when you get a chance. I’m now starting to do regular updates. We will be looking for some folks to help volunteer with Todas and our needs will be posted there. You can even make a donation directly to Todas now! (

4) BOARD OF DIRECTORS: We are looking to add 3-5 people to the Board of Directors. Board members will help plan the trajectory of the organization as well as help with fund raising and volunteer recruitment.

5) BANKING: With the help of a wonderful banker from my BNI Group, Todas has established its first bank account to work with the PayPal account for taking donations. This is a HUGE step forward in our administrative world. Thanks Eagle Bank!

6) FUNDRAISING: There is a lot to do on this front. Currently, Todas is looking for volunteers that have experience with grant writing. Once the Letter of Determination arrives, we will have a whole new world of potential income via grant making organizations and large foundations. If you know of any one that has grant writing experience in the health care field, please drive them our way or direct them to the website!

7) FUNDRAISING DINNERS: If you are interested in helping get our 2014 started off right and would like to host a fundraising dinner, please email me! You can host a dinner party of 6-10 people and raise enough funds to pay for one child’s dental care in Cusco for a year! Todas will supply the menu, shopping lists, email invitations, and more. All you have to do is invite your friends over and cook! If you’d like, I can come help cook and talk about my experiences in Cusco, why I founded Todas, and what our future will be like! I even have small gifts from the Waaw School that you can give to your friends for attending!

Again, thanks so much for your donation and your support over the past year. We couldn’t have gotten off the ground with out you.