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TODAS SONRISAS is in need of volunteers in the new year! We are looking for three type of volunteers to help continue our forward and upward movement.

  • BOARD MEMBERS: Todas is looking to add local business people to our Board of Directors. We are looking for professionals in the dental field and/or experience with fundraising for small nonprofit organizations. The minimum time commitment to Todas is a few meetings per year, but we would appreciate new Board Members that could give a bit more of their time!
  • GRANT WRITERS: With our 501c(3) Letter of Determination arriving any day now, we will need to start getting our grant writer friends on board. Grant writers that have a proven track record of successful grant applications and researching potential grant makers would be great to have on our volunteer list.
  • GENERAL FUNDRAISERS: We could use a couple of motivated individuals who would like to spearhead our private donor campaigns and our “dining out” projects. 
    Individual donors
    We are looking for a self-starter to formulate a plan to look for private donations from individuals. Email, letter writing, and telephone campaigns are possibilities, but would love to find something new and innovative.
    “Dining Out” and ”Dining In” Projects: There are two projects that need a kickstart. First, our Dining Out project involves planning evenings at local restaurants who are willing to donate a portion of their proceeds to Todas Sonrisas on a particular evening. Marketing and communications skills are a plus. The other is our Dining In project which entails helping donors coordinate and execute South American cuisine dinners in their homes. Menus, shopping lists, invitations, etc. are coordinated through Todas Sonrisas and may include some speaking opportunities at the dinners.
  • COLLEGE/GRADUATE INTERN: Todas is also looking for one or two college or graduate students who would like to earn college credit while helping to establish the workings of the organization. Communication, computer, and organizational skills are very helpful.